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Fully handmade tote bag with a statement!  

This quality C H N A O U tote bag (Save Uygur) made of sturdy seed cotton can be used for your daily shopping, as a sports bag, school bag, gift bag and much more. You have with this durable tote bag for years of fun!

One One thing is for sure, no matter where you use the C H N A O U tote bag whatever you use it for, you do it with a clear statement: Save Uygur!

You are already consciously choosing for the environment, for sustainability, for a plastic-free world. And with the embroidered, social statement, you also contribute to raising awareness among others around the theme: Save Uygur!

Say goodbye to plastic bags, and opt for a fully handmade C H N A O U tote bag met a statement!

This cotton 'Save Uygur' tote bag is handmade in our atelier in Amsterdam, and is made especially for you after you order.

A delivery time of 2 weeks applies.

Out of stock



  • Save Uygur Tote Bag
    • Completely handmade
    • Embroidered
    • Sustainable
    • Made of pitted cotton
    • Finished with the lock
    • The dimensions are: width: 34 cm, length 41 cm (it can hold an A4 folder and/or laptop)
    • Made in Amsterdam

    Each tote bag from C H N A O U is completely handmade from fabric to finished product: Handmade Slow Fashion. This is because the C H N A O U brand stands for sustainability and conscious fashion.

    So when you place an order, I go to work especially for you, and make each accessory and garment with a lot of attention and love. I therefore work with a delivery time of 2 weeks, and with correct prices for the quality that C H N A O U stands for.

    To give you an idea of the love and attention I give to each handmade tote bag:

    • Tote bag cutting takes 7 min
    • Embroidery:
      • light statement lasts 30 min.
      • full statement takes over 2 hours
    • Stitching together takes 1 hour

    Naast de ‘Save Uygur’ tote bag, kan je ook nog kiezen uit andere statements. Bekijk hier de andere draagtassen.

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